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Hide the socre

Post by yvandube »


Over time I spent checking for track, I realized that I was more focused on the purpose (finding track) when I did not look at my score on the botttom.

Otherelse, I tend to want to get my score higher more than to find track.
In other words, my attention is focus on the score and not in finding track.

I don't know if anyone else has this for themselves, maybe there is others like me.

:idea: So, could it be possible to hide the score?
Maybe it could give these people more points if this method is proven best. (As my fun is to find track, I don't really mind about the score, but it's probably not the case for everyone)

Anyway, just a tought.

Keep on the good work!


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Post by Neorapsta »

Personally I don't really look at it due to the huge number of calibration movies I seem to get.

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Post by Wolter »

You can adjust your window size so the score falls outside the frame..
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