1000 movies watched!!!

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1000 movies watched!!!

Post by rlpd82 »

I just watched my 1000th movie and wanted to cheer. I know there are many of you with more (23 times more) but I still wanted to celebrate the milestone. We should get a free forearm guard or a 20% off optomitrist visit, I think. At 10,000 a computer monitor and at 50,000 a psychiatric visit. There is a irony that my house dust goes unmolested due to this project

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Post by Wolter »

congrats on a great achievment.

(and moved to community ;) )
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I am almost to the 2000 mark and as I read your comment, I couldn't help but laugh because I too feel that after so much time in front of the computer my eyesight has gotten worse. lol

Congrats again and keep on searching!!

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