Problem with focus, images load slowly

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Problem with focus, images load slowly

Post by cfulmer920 »

I am having a problem with my focus. When I first started doing this it worked correct. When I would move my mouse over the focus the movie would adjust with it. Now though when I move over the focus nothing happens until I leave the pointer over a section for several seconds. Is this happening to everyone or just me? Any help would be great because it is taking way to long to do one movie.

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Post by Stadt »

I noticed it today working with Netscape 7.0 (not on my own computer), and a 56kb dial in connection
At first focus changes and when it is completely loaded it kind of freezes.
I logged out because of it.
Good luck

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Post by cfulmer920 »

I am using Internet Explorer and I have a cable modem for my internet and with everyting else I do works really fast. So I don't have a clue what is causing this because it was working fine. Now it is very frustrating. :x

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Post by Aga »

I've got the same problem using Firefox on linux. On Windows everything works fine.


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Post by cthiker »

I did have this happen to me a few times (pretty rarely though), but I found that, for all but two cases, using the "Refresh" button on my browser corrected the problem. In those other two cases I just chose the "Bad focus" button, presuming that there was a problem with the camera.

Hope that helps!

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Post by petterip »

One thing might be the computer hardware you're running. Low memory might cause such a thing - either way, that is, only a little physical memory or multiple applications running --> not enough free memory for full VM operation. :roll:

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This may fix slow focus ( IE )

Post by Obin »

In the settings for temporary internet files you can adjust when IE will look for new versions of downloaded files.

With this setting on "Never" the focusing should be smooth, after the images have downloaded.
If not set to "Never" the browser may connect to the server for every step of the focus..

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Post by bmendez »

We do know about one issue described in that has to do with how you set your browser to refresh a page. Telling IE to do it automatically seems to work.

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