Why do we do it? And why are we doing it?

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Why do we do it? And why are we doing it?

Post by Denise »

Two quite different questions .. and the first has as many answers as there are dusters.
Maybe the second question could do with an answer, though, even if it's just repeating what may have already been said. I must say that I don't really know what is planned to be done with positive OK-ed particles in terms of research. But it obviously will involve getting a lot closer. Is it not possible to risk trashing one of the "possibles" in order to investigate closer? Though Bryan's latest post seems to suggest that any interference on part could affect the whole...
If someone has a minute on the technical side, could we have a general, sort of summarised "intelligent layman's" guide to the whole process, from the basics? (Oh, she doesn't ask much...) :?
anyone got the key?

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Post by Wolter »

Well here's a good starting place, a 4 page booklet describing the mission and it's primary science goals.
For more in depth knowledge you can roam around the stardust site at jpl.

Happy hunting.
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