browser 'stalls'

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Chuck Crisler
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browser 'stalls'

Post by Chuck Crisler »

Sometimes (more lately) my browser (IE 6) seems to 'stall' when I click to finish a movie (it can happen either way - 'no track' or 'track'). The next movie will load (or finish loading) but the field on the bottom of the browser screen with green boxes advances VERY slowly (if at all). I never get the next movie. What I do in this case after waiting for a brief while (15-20 seconds, way longer than seems needed) is to press the 'stop' icon, then the 'reload' icon, which re-loads the current movie and generates a nasty message about how I got there. I click on the link to get another movie and things seem to work again. Today, in about 150 'real' movies (not counting calibration movies) that happened about 4 times, though the occurances happened close together. Am I doing the best thing to get moving again? Or, should I wait longer? Is there anything else that I could do?

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Post by DustBuster »

Hi Chuck.

Your doing the right thing.
Sometimes there are 'stalls' as you have explained; I can only make guesses as to their cause, but they are harmless (although annoying).
You can usually proceed with your method (or even bypass pressing 'stop' and just use the 'reload' button) within a few seconds of noticing it hasn't loaded in a timely manner.

Hope that helps.

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