VM Computer Glitches and Forum Registration

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Peggy DeWett
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VM Computer Glitches and Forum Registration

Post by Peggy DeWett »

Hey, my user name is Wickie and I'm using my wife's post because I'm really having problems with star dust. I registered for the forum so I could tell you about the problem. I was told that I would receive a confirmation at my email--that was in early December, a day or two before the 9th. I've never recieved a confirmation. I tried to re-register, assuming something went wrong, but everytime I am told there already is a user registered with my name and password. Yeah, it's me, yet when I try to log on, I'm told I can't because I haven't registered. Can someone get this set straight?

Now, as to my problem. In early December--the last two days I worked on the program, I started having problems with the focus of the slides I was seeing. I would go all the way to the bottom of the bars and nothing would have come in focus, or if something did, it just barely came into focus and didn't go below the surface. In addition, about one in three slides would not fully load. Yet when I pressed the bad focus button, I received a wrongly answered calibration slide score. Why? Nothing was in focus. On two of the three wrong answers I supposedly gave, the slide never fully loaded and the VM did nothing when you ran the mouse up and down the bars. So if nothing was is focus and nothing was working and nothing was fully loaded, and I marked it as bad focus according to instructions, I was wrong? I don't get it.

So, if that happens again, what do I do? Quit working for the day? I'd like to be checking slides, but I don't think the program should credit me with a wrong answer when I did nothing wrong. Please advise me on this. I was having lots of fun doing this until this problem came up. Thanks--Wickie

Stardust@home Team
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Post by bmendez »

Hi Wickie,

You are activated now.

If the focus isn't changing as you slide then there is something wrong with the movie. Selecting "Bad Focus" is the right thing to do in such a case. You should not have been marked wrong for that. If something like this occurs again please note the movie number and report it to us.

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