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This is getting out of hand at least for me, how about you??

Post by Howie »

The Javascript problem for me is haevy tonight!!!

I hope you all are not hitting bad focus for every one of these?
I hit bad focus only if it really counts, cause the missing frames usually does not affect the view of the movie to decide!

Someone let me know if it is only my area in Florida or Others?

Thanks All,

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Same Here

Post by fjgiie »

Howie wrote:...second movie hits me with a Javascript error,,,I hit OK, and it goes away and so does the movie with the fake track and I have a wrong answer!
Hi Howie,

It won't make you feel any better, but the same thing happened to me. I like to use IE in the right window and Firefox in the left window. (that just makes it interesting) :) . I clicked "No Track" in the left window and a fake track came up in the left window and also a Javascript error sign. Usually I click the X in the corner, but this time I clicked the "OK". It was just like you said, it was as if I had clicked the fake track in the wrong place. The fake track movie disappeared and a little "ding" sounded and my misses went up by one more.

Never again will I click a Javascript error in the "OK"! I will always click the X in the right hand top corner. You too?



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Hi There and Thanks for the reply!

Post by Howie »

Congrats as mod and score of #10 on top 100!!!

How the heck can you view 2 screens and concentrate with the site problems?

I work alone, one puter one screen, and I am lucky to have made the 100 by staying with it every chance I get.

My eyes and hands at my age are not the best for this, but I think I am doing OK?

You think the problem may end soon???

Thanks Again,

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Problem again

Post by 1stwolf »

hiyas. There's a problem with the amazonaws site again. Keeps freezing up, not loading, no matter what you do. Please fix it so i can continue my quest for space dust lol

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Post by gustin »

Suffering with the very same problem every day ... :(

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Post by DustBuster »

Hi all.

The problem has not yet been corrected.
here is updated information
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Getting slower and slower

Post by rlcwik »

It stopped being fun when it started to take minutes to load each movie! And, we can’t blame it on my broad band connection, because everything else runs just fine. Every once in a while things seem to run along smoothly early in the morning or sometimes during the day. But in the evening when I have time, everything is all bogged down. No Fun!

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