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Compatible browser

Post by hldb00 »

Why isn't Opera listed as a compatible browser? I'm using Opera 9.02 and it seems to work just fine.

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Compatible browser

Post by MK-CRO »

Hi all,

this evening I tested IE6 (SP2), Mozilla Firefox 2.0, Opera 9.02 and Netscape 7.2

I found that Internet Explorer is much, much faster in opening java script movies from VM than Mozzila Firefox and especially faster than Netscape.

Opera is fast enough, just as IE6, but not sure, because it is not comprehensive test, only by looking at download progress bar.

For me, IE6 is the winner, and I will use only this browser.

You can use Opera if you wish, I not see anything against (well, because this is not extensive test, maybe something will go wrong with Opera - later will compare Opera and IE6 much more carefully).


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