How many movies are there to view currently?

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How many movies are there to view currently?

Post by ljjaoui »

While reading some of the threaded conversations, I learned that there are now 4,000 movies available to view. Is this right? If so, is there any reason for viewing more than 4,000 at this time? I saw that some participants have viewed as many as 7,000 movies and some are mentioning that movies are repeating. This makes sense if there are only 4,000 available. Is there any purpose in re-viewing movies once we have seen all there are? I'd like some advice. Also, I would like to know if there is some ongoing notation somewhere which tells us how many movies are prepared for us to see.

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Post by jcbc »

According to this topic in Updates, there are about 6000 focus movies per tile. According to this topic about the scanning progress, there are 14 tiles with focus movies ready and in the VM. This would mean that there are about 84,000 focus movies in the VM, not counting the calibration movies.


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