Movie Number 10

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Movie Number 10

Post by bink »

I have looked at #10 numbers of times and I can NOT see the Tract! Should I be concerned that I won't be doing a good job with this? All others are clearly understandable. Can you give me any direction on this?

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Post by fjgiie »

Hi bink,

movie #10 go to bottom of focus and then back up on focus 6 blue lines.
top left at end of skid is a black grain. I believe this is the particle referenced. Top left of the whole frame, 190 microns from tip of arrow.

The tract itself runs almost horrizontally across the frame, instead of vertically like most tracks.

If you need more, maybe Dr. Bryan Mendez can help.

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Post by tareq »

I think, i think, that the whole line includes number of particles, but they are mixed up :shock: , i hope am right :?:

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Movie Number 10 Depth of Focus

Post by gcarlsen »

One thing I noticed about this movie was that the focus was set to an unusually deep level. If you check, the surface focus starts about 8 blue bars down from the top of the focus range. Too bad that all the films aren't biased toward "below surface" since that is where all of the interesting "stuff" will be found.

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Post by TimStrange »

I found that swiping through this movie quickly helps. You can almost see the speck of dust tunneling into the gel. And yes, the speck of dust is the black speck that shows up somewhat near the bottom. The track is hard to distinguish.


Post by DustTrailFinder »

tareq wrote:I think, i think, that the whole line includes number of particles, but they are mixed up :shock: , i hope am right :?:
tareq, I think what appears to be particles along the track is actually the track out of focus as you move down toward the bottom of the blue bars.

I still hope that tracks like this one will either not exist or be very rare. This track was caused by a relatively large particle that we can actually see, while our particles are expected to be too small to be seen even by the microscope. Also, the path of our smaller particles will be much shorter, since the gel stops them before they can penetrate very far in. While I will certainly try to find tracks like this one, I think we can expect that we may not really see it even when one is there. Too bad they didn't actually fire a smaller dust particle into the gel for us to view, so we could see a more representative track.

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