Deep enough focus?

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Deep enough focus?

Post by peterm9911 »

Is it just me or do a lot of the movies not go "deep" enough into the gel? Where the focus starts high and ends up JUST below the surface I'm marking it as Bad Focus. Is that reasonable? The calibration movies with tracks seem to go a lot deeper, generally, and I've seen a couple of movies where something seems to be ALMOST appearing at the bottom of the focus.

Just a thought....

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Post by emsisson »

Yes, I agree. If there is less than about 1/4 of the focus movie left when things come into focus, I mark it as "Bad Focus". I think they would rather redo the movie rather than miss a particle based on an assumption that nothing is there. I have also had several movies where most of the movie is within bounds, but a portion is only coming into focus when I run out of levels. That gets the "Bad Focus" tag also.

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Post by Finbar »

I too would like to know what is the best solution for this same occurrance; first I thought the resolution, but not so.
Many calibration/movies are difficult to search if not impossible to focus down or up at times. what to do? Should I hit bad focus or guess?

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Post by DustBuster »

Please see the Bad Focus FAQ here ... .php?t=645

Thank you.

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