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Let's stick with one place to go to talk about the VM experience, good or bad, help or whatever...I am tired of searching all over to get info!!!
Don't start new theads for every little thing,,,do it here!!!

Let's use this thread!!!

My opinion of the VM search so far...

Many of the movies are not focused correctly!!!
Too many calibration movies in a short time!!!
Too many repeats of same movie in a very short time!!!
Short time to me means like an Hour!!!

Other than taking a big stab at a TRACK that may be nothing,,,
I have not really thought that I found a track, not to make you agree with me...but...alot of movies to look at and to come in the future!!!

''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''Some help or advice here next!!!

1. When the focus is not quite right but you can get the surface and go a bit higher, just before no more focus...I look for the known trait of an upset in the surface, you know, the rippled effect before the actual hole shows up, and make the choice!!!

2. I find most movies are not going deep enough in the movie!!!

3. Do not go to the sites for showing or checking your or others movies viewed,,,because, most of them are wrong or are calibration movies,,,wasting your time!!!

4. I have a pretty good score etc., but cannot figure that some of the searchers have already a score over 5000???

5. Also, I think that if people are not being honest, about hitting, BAD FOCUS, which does not show up as viewed, no score count!!! They are not letting the site get real readings!!! That may be because they are just hitting no track and you get a credit!!!

Welcome MOD help here and asnswers!!!

Let's stay with this post and see where we go!!!


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Many of your comments/ideas have been addressed in other places. We can't put them all together like this because we have too many dusters. If everyone responded to all your comments with their own personal comments on what you said, PLUS, with all of their ideas and suggestions, well, we might as well just dump the format and have one thread. then you'd really be searching for your info! Does that make sense?

Don't forget you can use the search located at the top of your screen for a shortcut instead of hunting through all the threads.

Also, the FAQ forum, Announcements and Updates may help reduce things. As soon as the team has an official answer or update to things, they do post it.

I think we do need to lock this thread, only because you have too much in one spot that has already been started and there isn't a way to keep it focused. We are cleaning up the forum as best we can, by combining threads to avoid your concern! But, please do post your thoughts and ideas in other threads, you have some suggestions that could be helpful!

Happy Dusting!
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