calibration movie thoughts (again!)

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Re: Calibration Suggestion

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bghind wrote:I would like to suggest that those of us with more than 500 calibration movies and over 97% accuracy should not have to continue to look at calibrations. It is getting so obvious now that I can spot where the dust particle is going to be before I start to focus the movie!!! I've also noticed that you have to have a long down focus to see some of these dust particles (calibration) so I've started to click "Bad Focus" for those movies that don't have at least half the focus field below the surface.

What you are asking for is actually the opposite of what they need -- they are using the calibration movies to rank the real movies! :) The data gathered from the calibration movies is vital to the entire process.

If someone with a high rating clicks a movie, it gives slightly more weight to the movie and causes them to look at it a little sooner.



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