some suggestions to project team

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some suggestions to project team

Post by rusm »

1. Need to improve calibration quality. I think, you may use some checked (checked by community and by Stardust@Home Team) negative movies as negative calibration.

2. My suggestion: percentage of calibration moves depends on specificity and sensitivity - when spec. and sens. increase, % of calibration decrease (not to 0 :) ), but increase cost of wrong answer proportionally. (This rule not applied to new user immediately, only after they pass some movies)

3. When start dusting after long (some hours) pause, show first 5-10 calibration only movies for wake up ;) )

4. Add flag “first discoverer” in “My events”

5. Would be fine to see more personal and whole project statistic (spent time, count of candidates, top candidates (w/o IDs), total movies, total checked, total bad focus, ...)

Stardust@home Team
Stardust@home Team
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Post by bmendez »

There are some nice suggestions in here, rusm.

Would you please re-post them in the suggestions Sticky? So that we can keep the clutter in the message board to a mininum?

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