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icebike wrote: I would have studied 16490 to death, and then I would have clicked no track.

ALL of the lower corner comes into focus at the same time as the particle. Its a slanted surface, and the lower right corner is the farthest down hill.
Even though this is off topic I think it's better to discuss these so people who may not be sure can have some ideas of what to look for, and why or why not they should click a possible hit.

In my opinion, 16490 is clearly something that should be clicked on. The knife shaped "peninsula" (points west-south-west) it appears directly under is almost perfectly in focus on the top frame (it appears that the movie starts a little below that surface). It is only the furthest bit of the south-east corner - beyond the suspected object - that is out of focus. As you scan down, the edge line of the peninsula starts thin and defined, then widens and blurs out (drops out of focus), while at the same time the spot comes into focus. If that peninsula were below the focus range of the movie, it would become sharper, not blur out. A perfect candidate in my opinion.

This is my thought process as to why I would have clicked on the suspected track. And yes, I know I'm not looking at a map.. I use cardinal directions just for ease, with north being straight up.


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icebike wrote: See, I doubted that one too, but I didn't want to be picking on Mantis.
Thanks man. But I wouldn't have taken it personally. Part of the reason I posted those to the thread was to get opinions and I hadn't seen anyone else post those two movies. I was not even close to being the first to mark them.

Reviewing them both this morning, I think it is almost certain that they are both simply out of focus. But if they're not, I would rather be one of the guys that clicked the track.

I would feel worse if I found out I clicked "no track" or "out of focus" on a movie with a track than if I clicked a possible track that turned out to be nothing.

So who is going to post the first track with >90% agreement (and more than 50 clicks)? Does such a movie exist?

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mantis! wrote: So who is going to post the first track with >90% agreement (and more than 50 clicks)? Does such a movie exist?
I haven't got one with >90% but I have the following:

16490 81% 42/52

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That is pretty good Timichio....

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Post by Eric »

I also agree, the Timichio find looks good. I am posting the finds in this thread to my stardust collection (see my signature, the ftp server is writable). I am giving credit to the first posters, let me know if you object to your name being used.

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I've got no objections. I think its a great idea to see some of the most promising tracks. Cheers Eric!

Edit: Infact it looks like mantis had it first. I should pay more attention!! Ahh well...

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43 agreements, don't make me do math: ... e_id=42300

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