seven people thought so... don't know why though

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review please... :)

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Orion_0169: may I ask you to review my previously posted top 4 candidates?
Will you flag them too?

Good dusting to all.

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Orion_0169 wrote: It just seems a lot more likely that a week from now they're going to say... WHOAH hang on people relax, review the tutorials, understand what focus means, and stop flagging so much.

This whole thread was just a way to show that, I think, too many of us don't know enough about what we are doing.
Total agreement. We're ALL blind in this- and in the coming weeks I'm sure the StarDust team will have a chance to get a better look at the some of these and be able to do exactly that. If/when they can update the tutorial with a variety of actual tracks it will be a tremendous help.
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