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You know, after reading through all the discussions going on in the various forums and topics, it occured to me how lucky we all are to have this community of people interested in science from all over the world. No matter what country we're from, we all are able to put aside our differences to talk about science and other things. I think that it is people like those on this forum who keep the world from descending into chaos. The thing we need to remember is that in doing this we are benifiting the entire world both in the research we are doing and in putting aside all our biases and stereotypes and just talking. I think this is great. :D
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When people get educated and see that our differences aren't a problem that we can force other people to change to match, then the world becomes more peaceful. Science, computers and money are the things that it doesn't matter who you are or where you are from.

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Well put, SB!
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It's too bad this topic got buried.
Sundevil sees with all three eyes; and sb126k captured the true spirit of this forum, a community and dedication to a worthy cause.
He PM'd me recently and nearly apologized for not being able to contribute as much as he would like due to other commitments.
I think that post in May more than makes up for it.
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