Calibration Movies with track cheat

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Possible explanation for pixelation

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I have noticed that both the calibration movies with the inclusions and "real" movies with (apparent) inclusions or other large features both tend to appear more pixelated. I hate to be engineering about this but isn't this likely to be due to the higher contrast, due to the inclusion, coupled with the subsequent compression?

That way, pixelation could be seen as a signal to spend a bit more time checking the image, but you would not get that for very small apparent inclusions - ~ 1 to 4 pixels (there are quite a few on the calibration movies and I have marked several on real movies.)


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i clicked on a movie because i was in msn and clicked on the stardust window to activate it, but clicked on the movie and it accepted it as a hit!

laughably someone else had said there was a track there in my events. XD

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Does nobody else see that this is a tried and true method?

How do you think rats are trained to run a maze? Constant stimuli and reinforcement. It does not matter whether you know it is a calibration or not; simply click it accordingly and contunie down the maze on your quest for the cheese!
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