Microscopic PONG

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Microscopic PONG

Post by Ziggy »

I thought i was back in the '80s when I saw this movie!

http://stardustathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/ ... e_id=33268

Does anyone have any idea what the "bat" might be?

N.B It looks extremely regular to be crystaline, but at 10um by 100um, I can't think of anything else it might be.

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Post by dd »

It's a subliminal incursion of Slashdot on this website. :D

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Post by Blarrrg »

I instantly thought of /. when I saw that too :P

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Post by jamespels »

Cheers for the responses...

Not sure about it being some sort of scale - it's VERY small - but then I'm not sold on the crystalline growth from space idea either ;)

Would be nice to have a 'Item of Interest' button to flag up things that are curious but clearly not tracks.


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