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Post by PeteSeeker »

I know with a project like this, there are always TONS of things that need to be done and not all of them glamorous in the least but, there are some of out here who have untold (sometimes it's better that way) talents that may come in handy. Are there any other ways that we can help out the project or, are there specific tasks you need done that can be done virtually, with the way gas prices are I don't think I could just stop in to help out hehe...

Stardust@home Team
Stardust@home Team
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Post by annaz »

Hi PeteSeeker,

Thank you for your offer. Right now, we are just finalizing a lot of aspects of the project and as far as I know, I can't think of anything that is needed right now. Perhaps other members of the stardust@home team can answer further?

Anna Z.

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Post by Nikita »

Perhaps a virtual thank you party for the Stardust@Home team for all their hard work in getting it ready! :) (Too bad we can't all get together and toast the beginning!)
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