New idea for surface

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New idea for surface

Post by Jakson »

How about the idea to mark the surface.

If you find the surface just click on that bar to select it.

The next viewer has then the focus bar divided in to a Red and a Blue part.

So you can decide if the focus range is good or to bad.

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Post by cldrjones2 »

I do not see the added value or the use for this feature. Can you explain why you want this?

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Post by Zsinj »

The surface should be in the middle of the focus range. If the focus is a bit low, the movie is still usable, but not if it's too high.

The focus is different in every movie, so there's no way to set a threshold for whether a movie is "in focus" or not.

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Post by DustBuster »

Hi Zsinj.

Anna described some of the obstacles they have to overcome scanning the aerogel in this post ... ight=#1564.
I've encountered many that have focus issues as well. For now, just mark them with the 'bad focus' button so that they are flagged for re-scanning later in the project.
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