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Cannot complete registration

Post by tomsearch »

Same problem, using Firefox and not able to register. I did get extra practice doing the test three times, but would still like to register.

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Cannot get to the registration page

Post by ratbot »

I've used IE and Firefox and even changed some settings.
OS - XP Pro

Still get incorrect URL error during test
Rolling Eyesl

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Post by spider »

I have managed to register now - using Internet Explorer

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Registration and Log-In to Search Problem

Post by John »

I had to re-test because my information did not appear in the data-base. (Anna was kind enough to suggest that via
PM.) I re-tested and registered and searched with no problems on several visits. Recently, I could not
log-on to search.

Clearing the dust from my brain, I realized I had blocked
cookies in IE Explorer 6. Click: Tools Internet Options
Privacy Block All Cookies and no log in...
Select High instead of Block All Cookies and no log in...
Select Medium High and everything works just fine...
I guess Stardust (or Java?) likes cookies enabled in IE6.

first post

clearing the dust John

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