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Multiple email addresses

Post by joecor99 »

Is it possible to associate multiple email addresses with a single user name? I'd like to use the same user name (for this forum) whether I am at home or at work. :)

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Post by littlebhawk »

You cant access your email from work and from home? Im not sure if you can associate two with one account, I have just tried changing my email under the profile button at the top using my email address then placing a comma and putting my second email address and it would not let me. So I dont think you can use more than one, but im not a mod so only they would know for sure.

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Post by Siegfried »

You don't need to have both. You can just log in under the same username, can't you? Wait--no, I'm thinking about the message board... Good question.
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Post by Bosniac »

In that pre-registration period I gave them two emails by mistake. I thought thay didn't receive the first one, but then thay didn't reply for the other one as well :cry:
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