Searching for particles offline?

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Searching for particles offline?

Post by zima »

From the way the VM is implemented, in Flash, I don't think it'll work very well...and who knows, perhaps there is some substantial number if people who would like to be able to work offline. OK, OK, seriously - I doubt it very much, so speaking just for myself - I am very enthusiastic about the project, however my main computer has no Internet acces at all, I have acces only in cafe. So...would it be possible to take movies with you and look at them offline?

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Post by bmendez »

The VM does not use Flash, it uses php and javascript. At this time, there is no functionality built in for using it offline. My experience with the alpha version of the VM is that once you get the hang of searching it would take you about the same amount of time to visually scan 10 focus movies as it would to download them.

Plus, the project will last for several months, and we'll need people searching throughout. If you can only spend a couple of minutes each week while in your cafe you'll still be contributing greatly.
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