Project Launches TODAY!!!

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Project Launches TODAY!!!

Post by Howie »

Latest News: July 31, 2006
The countdown has begun and we are ready to launch! After months of delays we are finally ready to begin our search for interstellar particles of dust trapped in the aerogel collector from NASA's Stardust mission!

The project will officially begin at 11:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time on August 1st, 2006. An email is being sent to all of our 115,000 pre-registrants to let them know that we are ready to go. All are welcome to participate whether you pre-registered or not. At 11:00 AM tomorrow this website will switch over to our newest version featuring testing and searching using our virtual microscope and real data.

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Post by Whity »

For us Europeans, that's 20:00 CET

Correct me if I'm wrong :)

Ulrich Rieth
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I think you are almost correct and it is as follows.

Start is at 11:00am PDT
So the start is at 18:00/6:00pm UTC=GMT
CEST (with daylight saving) = UTC+2
CET (without daylight saving) = UTC+1
Which results in a start time of 20:00/8:00pm CEST or 19:00/7:00pm CET

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bring it on

Post by bommers »

who cares what time, because the only real time is "about time", with no disrespect to those hard working people on the project... get r done...
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