will the servers cope?

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will the servers cope?

Post by MDG »

Hello Stardust team,

I just wanted to know, will the server be able to cope with the rush of volunteers trying to take the test and register?

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Post by DustBuster »

I don't know, but we're about to find out!
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Post by Nikita »

Dust Searchers,
Be patient if you find you can't get in right away! We've waited this long, I don't think the gel is going anywhere. I will probably not be in until later today either, partly for that reason! But we've made it!
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Post by Sasari »

We need more power! It gets stuck at loading the test. Hopefully at least some people can get through. If everyone is stuck then I don't know :?

Ulrich Rieth
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Post by Ulrich Rieth »

working nice over here...4 real movies done...really cool stuff.

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Post by Sasari »

With a bit of patience with the slow loading I was able to pass the test and get registered. Good luck all in your track searching.

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