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Stardust@home Team
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Just a quick updated. We took the pictures down. We'll update everyone as soon as we can!

Anna Z.

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Where will you post the restart? "Updates" hopefully.

Stardust@home Team
Stardust@home Team
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Yes, we will post on Update section of the forum as well as the homepage of the site when everything is resolved.

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It's my suspiscion (upon seeing the fat couple dancing/kissing picture) that it's just a prank by a few of the employees there. Not sure it's something worth pausing the project about but I guess they want to ensure that there are no illegal, offensive or otherwise "bad" images before allowing us to continue.

Kinda reminds me of the hidden "game" in old versions of excell that the Microsoft employees put in there.

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Post by pixie »

I thought it must be a prank, I saw a random picture of someones kitchen.

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Post by Zsinj »

It has been determined that the images were a bug on the server where the images are stored. There are not pranks, easter eggs, etc.

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No track, but may need checking...

Post by ScarabDrowner »

I just came across movie 43851B... while I marked it as "No Track", there is an interesting dust formation on the surface:


Perhaps you guys could check it out just in case it was an edge-on hit?

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Strange (and genuine) movies

Post by yakmin1967 »

Who else has found weird patterns in their films?

Here's one I made earlier.


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Post by jamesjt »

I've seen this a few times. I'm pretty sure the tutorial mentions that these "chevrons" sometimes appear on the areogel.

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Post by yakmin1967 »

True, but these guys have smiley faces!

Lighten up dude.

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protocol for asking experts to double-check?

Post by SarahMBruce »

I also have a movie that has *something* -- certainly not a track per training, maybe just an imperfection in the gel that is visible through several layers.

Experts/monitors, what should users do to flag such a movie? And how can I tell if it's just a calibration movie (and therefore not waste everyone's time)?

In case this is the only way:

middle of lower right quadrant, light spot that continues through layers of the gel, and moves as if it were tunnel-shaped. Nowhere near as defined as a true track. Probably nothing.


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Post by gavin42g »

They seem pretty common. I'm actually curious as to how exactly they're formed in the first place: the tutorial says scratches, but that doesn't seem to explain the ubiquitous two dots. I'd almost hazard that they were accidentally put there by some kind of machine part, but some of the trails I've seen curve around.

They do look like smiley faces. :)


Thats nothing...

Post by icebike »

I saw something in 29268 :lol:

http://stardustathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/ ... e_id=29268

How does one get to any specific movie?
Is there a way to jump to any interesting examples when someone posts a number?
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Impact Crater

Post by DG »

I've looked at over 800 movies, found one or two real tracks and seen all kinds of stuff in the aerogel, but I never saw anything like the impact crater and hole in movie 37534.

It looks like a large bullet hole in glass, with radial lines emanating from the center on all sides.

Because it's so different, 9 other people who have viewed it have passed it by. I hope it doesn't get lost in the shuffle.

If it's not an impact, I hope the team can tell me what it is. My Stardust user ID is DavidGuidos.


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Post by cldrjones2 »

To watch a movie: click http://stardustathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/ ... e_id=41130 and change the id number to the one of the movie you'd like to see.
Only put the number, not the letter behind the movie.