What to expect

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What to expect

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In the training focus movies, it seemed most particle track examples came from a nearly head-on impact (at least from the VM's view angle, and as compared to the focus movie from the Russian space station sample; which seemed like an angular impact).
What should we expect from samples we will examine?
Is there a 'rule-of-thumb' for "This looks interesting"?

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Kind of. I've worked with similar slides in biology, looking for voids where small nematode worms ate through a gel. Generally, you will see a high-contrast void, that persists and slides along as you raise and lower the focus through the gel.

The strongest indication of a track will be a nice circular/oval/elliptical shape that persists through the focus range. Bonus feature would be a nice dark little particle deeper in the gel.

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Looks like petroscope images to me. Well, uncrossed polar images. The relief seems the same. Was polarized light used in the microscope images?
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