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by colleen craig
Thu Feb 21, 2008 9:09 pm
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Topic: Post your stats
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calibration movies 3446 incorrect 140 real movies 15391 specificity 97.64 sensitivity 94.42 i am not perfect.. i need to error to learn to see.... it is the joy of the search that keeps me dusting.. no matter what our scores are, if anyone of us finds dust yeah.... keep dusting colleen :D :arrow:
by colleen craig
Wed Feb 06, 2008 12:47 pm
Forum: In the Classroom
Topic: Stardust@home SlideShow
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hi great slide show and over view of the stardust realm.. it is great to be part of it all.. happy dusting it also shows that when we the people work on a project as a whole ,what great things we can accomplish.. we can reach to the stars and beyond... colleen craig :)