Slow down (update)…..

On September 7th, 2010 (new date) the Space Sciences Lab network connection to the world will be operating on a very slow backup connection (the campus will be doing cable infrastructure upgrades). They are planning to be on the backup connection for the entire day. We don’t really know how […]

Phase 3 certificates and “autoscan memory”

Sorry for the long delay, but we have finally gotten the phase three certificates online. Enjoy! Kudos to our good friends at The Planetary Society for the lovely artwork! In other news we have trained the virtual microscope “autoscan” feature to remember, from movie to movie, if you want to […]

More downtime….done

We’ll be moving the Stardust@home servers from one location to another on Tuesday July 6th. They currently live near the clean room here at Berkeley and the clean room is being reconfigured. We’ll be offline for a few hours starting around 9am PDT (We don’t really know how long the […]

New movies uploaded!

We have just completed uploading 10 tiles of new data, or about 40,000 focus movies. Two tiles are all new, never before seen scan data. We tried twice to scan them in the Collector in Phase 1, but didn’t get them in focus. Dave Frank at JSC added fiducials, extracted tiles […]

Phase I movies…

Many of you have noticed that we have been serving up older, Phase I movies for a few days. Although we know that this may have been frustrating to see familiar movies, it was important, to be sure that we were not missing some “midnight” tracks in the Phase I […]

Downtime and blog

Stardust at home will be off line on Thursday May 20th starting 5pm PST and we’ll return on Friday morning, the 21st of May. The Space Sciences Laboratory will have yet another power outage. We have also changed the blogging software so you may see some issues around that. Thanks, […]

Welcome to Phase 3

All dusters are familiar with the words that appear when starting a dusting session: “Expect the unexpected.” The unexpected has certainly happened. We are cautiously excited about an interstellar dust candidate, named Orion by its discoverer, Bruce Hudson from Ontario, Canada. This particle is a so-called “midnight” track, because of […]

Downtime 3/8-3/18/2010

All–On March 8, 2010 we will be taking Stardust@home off-line for a full week (the site will be back by March 18, 2010). We’ll be doing server software updates, hardware updates and changes for starting Phase III! More info about Phase III will be available soon. Thanks,Stardust@home Sys Admins

Orion: a possible interstellar dust particle

We are reporting today on by far the most promising interstellar dust candidate found to date. We emphasize that we do not yet know whether or not it is actually interstellar — this may take years to determine definitively. Nevertheless, we are cautiously optimistic that it is in fact a […]

Downtime 12/23/2009-1/4/2010

Stardust at home will be down for 13 days from 12/23/09 until 1/4/2010. This is due to circumstances beyond our control; most of the Space Sciences Lab will be without electrical power for that time and many of the researchers/staff will be on vacation or furlough. Sorry and thanks for […]