Third Thursday Telecon – 18 February 2016

This month it’s just a few nerdy guys chattin’ and quickly checking in about Stardust and other fun topics. Dr. Andrew Westphal gives an update on a collaboration between Stardust@home and Alzheimer’s researchers at Cornell University who have a plan to use Stardust@home’s virtual microscope (VM) for a brand new […]

Third Thursday Telecon – 18 November 2015

Our apologies for this monthly series absence as of late, but we’re back and have some wonderful new opportunities to share with you! This month, Dr. Andrew Westphal explains and demonstrates Stardust@home’s new Foils search project. He then talks about a collaboration between Stardust@home and Alzheimer’s researchers who have a […]

Introducing Foils

Now more than ever the Stardust team needs your help! That is because out of the seven probable interstellar dust particles that we reported on in Science last year, four were unexpectedly found in craters in the aluminum foils on the collector. These particles were also much much smaller than the particles captured in […]

Third Thursday Telecom – 16 July 2015

In this monthly series, members from the Stardust team, as well as others from UC Berkeley’s Space Sciences Laboratory, discuss some of their most current work or latest research findings. You can join these live discussions on the third Thursday of each month at 11am Pacific Time. For more information, […]