CM 427129V1

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CM 427129V1

Post by karinagw » Mon Apr 05, 2010 3:55 pm ... e=427129V1

If this had not had a faux track inserted in it, this would have been a "bad focus" movie. Note that the whole left half of the screen starts at the surface and blurs as you focus down. I knew when I did not click the track, that it would count against my score. However, in my opinion, the calibration movies are supposed to be imitating "real" movies.

The fact that y'all are higgledy piggledy putting in tracks without regard to the type of movie into which you are inserting them is, frankly, irritating. A number of the CMs feel like cheats (although this is the most blatant example).

I used to enjoy and value the stardust@home project, but Phase 3 has been merely annoying. I wish you luck with the project.

Karina Wright

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Re: CM 427129V1

Post by DanZ » Mon Apr 05, 2010 7:07 pm

Hi Karina,

I'm sorry you're not enjoying Phase 3, and certainly if that's the case, there's no reason to continue (although we certainly hope you'll give it a bit more time!).

Regarding 427129V1, in our opinion it's a perfectly searchable movie and would not be considered a bad focus movie (since there is a focused surface that you can search down into).

But again, the important thing is whether you are enjoying the experience or not, and not the definitions.


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Re: CM 427129V1

Post by tudorbug » Wed Apr 07, 2010 12:49 pm

Interesting is that. to me, a track is clearly visible in this movie before scrolling down the blue lines with the mouse, at lower near center. This tracl is nowhere near as difficult as the tracks that I cannot find even when I go back and look carefully a second time after a scoring error. I share the frustration completely at being scored negatively but it is not because of tracks such as this one.


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